Links and Resources

We are building a list of helpful and informative resources - and the best way you can help us do that is to tell us what you want to see here! Please call or email to let us know!

  • North Dakota Farm Bureau -
    North Dakota Farm Bureau's mission is to be the advocate and catalyst for policies and programs that improve the financial well-being and quality of your life.


Agriculture Support

  • North Dakota Department of Agriculture -
    Offers marketing and financial mediation assistance to farmers, issues permits and carries out laws related to agricultural industries, as well as being a great clearinghouse of ag info. Check out the Farm to Market Handbook!
  • Dakota College at Bottineau Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture (ECH) -
    Center assists North Dakota farmers with growing organic and specialty vegetables for sale; the ECH is also building demonstration high tunnels! Check out the ECH's excellent Resource Database!
  • ND State University Extension Service -
    Educational Resources for Agriculture
  • Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society -
    Non-profit organization committed to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Hunger Relief

  • Great Plains Food Bank / Lutheran Social Services of ND -
    North Dakota's largest hunger-relief organization! Please also see AggregateND's FAQ page for more information about food donation and how to find the food bank / food pantry nearest you.
  • SNAP
    Did you know SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps/EBT) buy seeds and plants to grow food for the SNAP recipient's household? If you sell seeds, seedlings, or plants, be sure to team up with merchants who already accept SNAP! See this article from the Minot Daily News:

Promoting North Dakota Products

  • Pride of Dakota - North Dakota Originals -
    Providing opportunities and benefits for companies that produce, process or manufacture a final product in North Dakota.
  • North Dakota Farmers Market and Growers Association - Dakota Grown -
    Organization which helps improve members' marketing skills and assists in supporting locally grown and processed North Dakota products.


  • DID YOU KNOW? North Dakota Governor John Hoeven issued a Proclamation on November 15, 2009, encouraging North Dakota citizens to get involved in recycling activities! Visit to see the full Proclamation (you will need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the Proclamation).
  • Visit to find a recycling center or community program near you (in North Dakota).
  • FreeMe -
    The North Dakota Materials Exchange is a free service hosted by the North Dakota Department of Health's Division of Waste Management. This service connects individuals and businesses that have reusable materials with others who can use those materials. The goal of this service is ultimately to reduce the volume of usable items being discarded in area landfills.
  • Keep North Dakota Clean -
    KNDC, Inc. was formed to ensure a continuous statewide program of education for beautification of the state and the proper disposal of litter. KNDC is also a "clearinghouse" for ideas, techniques, and materials to help other groups and communities.


  • Twitter -
    We're on Twitter - are you? Check out for more info on this easy-to-use short-message system.
  • Skype
    Do you have a computer with internet access? Skype is a free talk, chat, and video call program that lets you talk for free to other Skype users (wherever they are) and lets you make calls to land lines and cell phones for a small one-time fee (they have subscriptions, too).
  • DimDim (web meetings) -
    Need to have a conference call and share what's on your computer screen at the same time? For free? How about having a whiteboard, chat, video, and recording options, too? Then sign up for a free trial of DimDim (the service is completely free for a small number of users, low-cost subscriptions available for bigger meetings).

Yes, It's Free

This website is free to all users(and will always be). encourages and increases consumption of local foods and recycling of local materials for the Common Joe in North Dakota.

Additionally, this website has a toll-free number:
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