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What is is a website that connects people who make and grow things in North Dakota to people who transport them and to people with storage space along transport routes - in other words, a website that organizes the carpool and "layover" stops for your produce (and even recyclables).

Doesn't Aggregate Mean Rocks?
You may have heard "aggregate" as a noun used to describe sand, gravel, pebbles, and the like, but here on, we're using the word "aggregate" as a verb: to bring together, to collect into one sum. However, if you're a producer of rocks or maybe just have some field stones you'd like to send to your cousin in the next county for his building project - please, feel free to use our search (coming soon) to find a way to get them there!

Who's a Producer?
Anyone who produces something in North Dakota. Think of produce (vegetables and fruit, or even grapes for wine), jams and jellies, pickles, eggs, meat/poultry/fish, mushrooms, honey, seeds/seedlings/plants, craft items, books, and much more - literally any North Dakota product! So many wonderful North Dakota producers and businesses have great products but have a very limited geographical reach (they can't get their products out of their local area) because it's just not cost-effective or feasible to use traditional shipping methods. can help producers find ways to expand their geographical market coverage by finding empty space on existing local distributors' deliveries and empty storage space along the way!

Who's a Distributor?
Anyone who moves products in North Dakota or otherwise has empty cargo space in their vehicle. Think of empty or leftover space on a delivery truck (or an empty returning truck), space in a pickup truck, or even trunk or back seat space in a car. No shipment is too small - we've seen mutual arrangements for "shipments" as small as two 16-ounce boxes of pasta being made! Why not make use of that empty space and transport more for about the same fuel cost and wear & tear on your vehicle as you were already going to expend? can help distributors find ways use that empty space on their trucks more wisely by finding producers who need things picked up and delivered along existing routes!

Who's an Aggregator?
Anyone with space to temporarily store a North Dakota product, especially near transport routes (such as in a city, near a highway or at a crossroad). This isn't limited to big warehouse space - think of the empty space under your counter or back room, in your fridge/cooler, or even your shed or barn. Why not make use of that empty space to help facilitate the movement of North Dakota products? can help you find ways to utilize your empty storage space by finding producers and distributors who need a "stopover" point for produce and recyclables!

Who's a Recycler?
Anyone who wants to get their recyclables delivered to a recycling center. This isn't limited to big heavy items like scrap metal - think also of household recyclables like plastics, cans, glass and paper (to name a few), as well as recyclables with restrictions (such as oil, thermostats and compact fluorescent light bulbs/CFLs). Help North Dakota keep these items out of our landfills! can help you find a way to get your recyclables delivered to a recycling center!

Please contact your recycling center for specifics on the types of recyclables and requirements (for instance, most ask that you remove the labels from recyclables). Information about recycling centers is available here in the FAQs section.

Does it cost anything to use
No - the search is - and always will be - free to use! strives to help producers expand their geographical market reach, distributors make wiser use of the empty space on their trucks, aggregators utilize their empty storage space, recyclers deliver their recyclables to recycling centers, and, perhaps most importantly, aims to address North Dakota's food desert issue while promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices - all at no cost to the end user.

This website is made possible by contributions from people just like you. Please consider contributing to help maintain the website, the toll-free phone number, customer service, and everything that goes into bringing you this content, and please accept our many thanks for the opportunity to serve you! (Email us at for more information.)

How do I place a free listing/posting?
The free listing/posting form is coming soon. If you need assistance in the meantime, please email or call us. Thanks!

How do I advertise on
Disseminate your news. Advertise your product or service. Promote an event or class. Or show your support for - Contact Us if you have any questions or if you would like to inquire about advertising rates.

Where is my closest recycling center?
DID YOU KNOW? North Dakota Governor John Hoeven issued a Proclamation on November 15, 2009, encouraging North Dakota citizens to get involved in recycling activities! Visit to see the full Proclamation (you will need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available at to open the Proclamation).

Do your part as a North Dakota citizen - use the free search on to find a way to deliver your recyclables!

Step 1 - Visit to find a recycling center or community program near you. Check the list for the item(s) you'd like to recycle - it shows which places accept what types of recyclables (everything from Aluminum Cans to Yard Waste!).

Step 2 - Contact the recycling center(s) from the list to find out about any requirements they may have and the specific address where they accept recyclables. Every Center and Community Program on the list has a phone number, and many have websites and/or email addresses.

Step 3 - Use the free search to find out if anyone's going your way!

Need help with recycling? Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us. We all know about common recyclables like scrap metal, cans, plastics, glass and paper - but did you know you can recycle your electronics (such as TVs, cell phones and computers), too? Click here for a list of Electronic Recycling Facilities and learn more about eCycling at - like this tidbit: Recycling one million cell phones saves enough energy to power more than 185 US households with electricity for a year.

Check out this handy information on Pollution Prevention and Recycling: and FreeMe - The North Dakota Materials Exchange is a free service hosted by the North Dakota Department of Health's Division of Waste Management. This service connects individuals and businesses that have reusable materials with others who can use those materials. The goal of this service is ultimately to reduce the volume of usable items being discarded in area landfills.
Keep North Dakota Clean KNDC, Inc. was formed to ensure a continuous statewide program of education for beautification of the state and the proper disposal of litter. KNDC is also a “clearinghouse” for ideas, techniques, and materials to help other groups and communities.

Common Types of Recyclables
Aluminum Cans
C & D Debris (Construction & Demolition Debris)
Cardboard (OCC)
Film Plastics (Plastic bags)
Fluorescent Lamps & Ballasts
Glass Containers
Other Glass
HDPE (#2 Plastics)
Lead-Acid Batteries
Mixed Paper
Office Paper
PETE (#1 Plastics)
Phone Books
Other Plastics
Scrap Metal
Steel/Tin Cans
Used Motor Oil
Used Oil Filters
Used Tires
Yard Waste

Where can I donate produce/food items to food pantries?
Great Plains Food Bank - You may donate food items to the Great Plains Food Bank by dropping them off at 1720 3rd Avenue North, Fargo, ND 58102 (Contact Missy Sobolik at 701-232-6219 for additional information) or you may contact your local food pantry directly to ask how and where to make a donation. Please visit to locate a food pantry near you. You will need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the list.
Didn't find what you were looking for? Have more information about where to donate (and don't see it here)? Please contact us and let us know.

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Yes, It's Free

This website is free to all users(and will always be). encourages and increases consumption of local foods and recycling of local materials for the Common Joe in North Dakota.

Additionally, this website has a toll-free number:
888-7AG-GRGT (888-724-4748).